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About me

Current position:

  • Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), “Energy” program, since October 2015; working on the energy-water-climate nexus and integrating sustainable development goals in energy-economy-environment-engineering (e4) models within the Horizon 2020 projects CD-LINKS and SET-Nav (see my profile page).

Recent distinctions:

Previous academic positions & appointments:

  • Research Associate at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) in the “Energy Transportation Environment” department, from October 2012 until September 2015; working on global fossil fuel markets, energy system modelling, and infrastructure investment in the European power sector;
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the Civil Engineering Department, Whiting School of Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, from January until June 2015; working on multi-objective optimization and equilibrium problems, non-cooperative games in power markets, and modelling infrastructure in the North American oil & gas sector;
  • Visiting Fellow at Resources for the Future (RFF), a think-tank in Washington, D.C (February-June 2015).


  • Dissertation successfully defended in June 2014 at TU Berlin; written within the DIW Berlin Graduate Center of Economic and Social Research since October 2011, dissertation title: “Strategic behaviour in energy markets: Advances in complementarity and multi-stage equilibrium modelling” (repository entry and download);
  • Graduated from Vienna University of Technology in Mathematics in December 2010 (Diplom-Ingenieur, Dipl.-Ing., equiv. MSc, 5-year degree), specialisation: Mathematical Methods in Economics, diploma thesis title: “Strategic investment decisions in crude oil production capacity and the impact on future supply bottlenecks” (download).

Honorary Activities:

  • Member of IAESTE, an international association running a traineeship exchange programme for students of engineering and natural sciences to gain practical experience abroad relevant to their studies;
    • National Secretary in 2007, head of the exchange programme and international representative of IAESTE Austria;
    • Board Member in 2010 of IAESTE A.s.b.l. (IAESTE International).
  • Participant, Facilitator, Committee Leader, and General Assembly President at the Waves of Democracy and the Model European Parliament (2001-2006).

Professional experience and internships

  • Energie-Control Austria (March/April 2012): the Austrian energy regulator, working in the Department for Competition and Regulation;
  • ACTED, Tajikistan (July/August 2006): a development aid agency; in charge of two projects in the areas of microfinance and market surveying;
  • Deloitte (July to October 2005): an international financial services and audit firm; working in the EMEA Learning and Development department in Paris; responsible for improving communications across the region and event logistics;
  • Government Accountability Project, Washington, D.C., (June/July 2004): an NGO/law firm focused on freedom of speech and whistleblower protection.

Publications and research

Highlighted publications:

  • David Huppmann and David Livingston. Stumbling to a new equ‘oil’ibrium: Understanding the current upheaval in the global crude oil market. IAEE Energy Forum Q3, 2015, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann and Sauleh Siddiqui. An exact solution method for binary equilibrium problems with compensation and the power market uplift problem. DIW Discussion Paper 1475, 2015, link (DIW Berlin)link (Optimization Online)link (arXiv);
  • Daniel Huppmann and Ruud G. Egging. Market power, fuel substitution and infrastructure: A large-scale equilibrium model of global energy markets. Energy, 75:483–500, 2014, DOI.
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Refer also to my profile at IDEAS (RePEc).

Working papers

  • Olufolajimi Oke, Daniel Huppmann, Max Marshall, Ricky Poulton, and Sauleh Siddiqui. Mitigating environmental and public-safety risks of United States crude-by-rail transport. DIW Discussion Paper 1575, 2016, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann and Sauleh Siddiqui. An exact solution method for binary equilibrium problems with compensation and the power market uplift problem. DIW Discussion Paper 1475, 2015, link (DIW Berlin), link (Optimization Online), link (arXiv);
  • A. Schopp, W. Acworth, D. Huppmann, and K. Neuhoff. Modelling a market stability reserve in carbon markets. DIW Discussion Paper 1483, 2015, link;
  • Alexander Zerrahn and Daniel Huppmann. Network expansion to mitigate market power: How increased integration fosters welfare. DIW Discussion Paper 1380, 2014, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann. Endogenous shifts in OPEC market power – A Stackelberg oligopoly with fringe. DIW Discussion Paper 1313, 2013, link.

 Peer-reviewed publications

  • Sonia Yeh, Yiyong Cai, Daniel Huppman, Paul Bernstein, Sugandha Tuladhar, and Hillard G. Huntington. North American natural gas and energy markets in transition: Insights from global models. Energy Economics, 60:405-415, 2016, DOI;
  • Felipe Feijoo, Daniel Huppmann, Larissa Sakiyama, and Sauleh Siddiqui. North American natural gas model – Impact of cross-border trade with Mexico. Energy, 112:1084–1095, 2016, DOI;
    earlier version published as: DIW Discussion Paper 1553, 2016, link;
  • Lissy Langer, Daniel Huppmann, and Franziska Holz. Lifting the US crude oil export ban: A numerical partial-equilibrium analysis. Energy Policy, 97:258-266, 2016, DOI;
    earlier version published as: DIW Discussion Paper 1548, 2016, link;
  • Tom Brijs, Daniel Huppmann, Sauleh Siddiqui, and Ronnie Belmans. Auction-based allocation of shared electricity storage resources through physical storage rights. Journal of Energy Storage, 7:82–92, 2016, DOI;
    earlier version published as: DIW Discussion Paper 1566, 2016, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann and Jonas Egerer. National-strategic investment in European power transmission capacity. European Journal of Operational Research, 247(1):191–203, 2015, DOI;
    earlier version published as: DIW Discussion Paper 1379, 2014, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann and Ruud G. Egging. Market power, fuel substitution and infrastructure: A large-scale equilibrium model of global energy markets. Energy, 75:483–500, 2014, DOI;
    earlier version published as: DIW Discussion Paper 1370, 2014, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann, Steven A. Gabriel, and Florian U. Leuthold. A note on allowing negative energy prices in a discretely constrained MPEC. Energy Economics, 40:1023–1025, 2013, DOI;
  • Daniel Huppmann. Endogenous production capacity investment in natural gas market equilibrium models. European Journal of Operational Research 231(2):503–506, 2013, DOI;
    earlier version published as: DIW Discussion Paper 1253, 2012, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann and Franziska Holz. Crude oil market power – A shift in recent years? The Energy Journal, 33(4):1–22, 2012, DOI;
  • Ruud Egging and Daniel Huppmann. Investigating a CO2 tax and a nuclear phase out with a multi-fuel market equilibrium model. IEEE Conference Proceedings, 9th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM), 2012, DOI;
  • Daniel Huppmann, Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz, Sophia Ruester, and Christian von Hirschhausen. The world gas market in 2030 – Development scenarios using the World Gas Model. International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 35(1):64–84, 2011, DOI;
    earlier version published as: DIW Discussion Paper 931, 2009, link.

Policy Briefs:

  • David Huppmann and David Livingston. Stumbling to a new equ‘oil’ibrium: Understanding the current upheaval in the global crude oil market. IAEE Energy Forum Q3, 2015, link;
  • Daniel Huppmann and Franziska Holz. What about the OPEC cartel? DIW Roundup 58 (deutsche Übersetzung), 2015;
  • Daniel Huppmann and Franziska Holz. Modelling the impact of energy and climate policies. DIW Roundup 44 (deutsche Übersetzung), 2014;
  • Aleksandar Zaklan, Kerstin Bernoth, Daniel Huppmann, Claudia Kemfert, and Christian von Hirschhausen. Entwicklung der Erölmärkte: Reservekapazität im Nahen Osten wirkt derzeit stabilisierend. Wochenbericht des DIW Berlin, 78(21):3–9, 2011;
  • Christian von Hirschhausen, Franziska Holz, Daniel Huppmann and Claudia Kemfert. Weltölmärkte: Angebotsmacht der OPEC ungebrochen. Wochenbericht, DIW Berlin, 76(23):370-375, 2009.

Invited Talks & Presentations

  • Faculty seminar at the Department of Business and Management Science, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Bergen, August 19, 2016;
  • Workshop on Mathematical economics and optimization in the energy sector, organized by the Institute for Higher Studies (IHS) and the Austrian Society for Operations Research (OeGOR), Vienna, April 27-28, 2016 (event website);
  • Talk at the invitation of EDF’s Laboratoire de finance des marches de l’énergie (FIME), at the Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, April 15, 2016;
  • Workshop on International Electricity Modeling, hosted by the Energy Information Administration, US Department of Energy, Washington, D.C., January 15, 2015 (slides, workshop website);
  • Talk on Energy System Modelling within the lecture series hosted by the Chair for Energy Management and Sustainability (Prof. Thomas Bruckner), University of Leipzig, July 6, 2014;
  • Talk on Modelling strategic behaviour in global energy markets, at the UCL Energy Institute – The Bartlett, London, May 23, 2014.

Conference Presentations:

  • “14. Symposium Energieinnovationen”, 2016, TU Graz
  • OR 2015, Vienna
  • EURO, 2015, Glasgow
  • FERC Technical Conference on Increasing Real-Time and Day-Ahead Market Efficiency through Improved Software, 2015, Washington D.C. (link)
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, 2014, San Francisco
  • Trans-Atlantic Infraday (TAI), 2014, Washington D.C.
  • “20th Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies” (IFORS), 2014, Barcelona
  • “13. Symposium Energieinnovationen”, 2014, TU Graz
  • Trans-Atlantic Infraday (TAI), 2013, Washington D.C.
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, 2013, Minneapolis
  • Yearly conference of the “Verein für Socialpolitik“, 2013, Düsseldorf
  • IAEE European Conference, 2013, Düsseldorf
  • Trans-Atlantic Infraday (TAI), 2012, Washington D.C.
  • EURO, 2012, Vilnius
  • 9th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM), 2012, Florence
  • InfraDay 2010, Berlin.
  • IAEE European Conference 2010, Vilnius 
  • IAEE European Conference 2009, Vienna
  • EARIE 2009, Ljubljana
  • EURO 2009, Bonn
  • EnerDay 2009, Dresden
  • InfraDay 2008, Berlin

Mathematical programming – open-source code

Illustrative examples for solving binary (Nash) equilibrium problems using on-cooperative game theory and multi-objective optimisation – available for download at this github repository

Research visits and teaching

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Research visits:

  • Research visit at NTNU Trondheim in May 2013, on top-down—bottom-up modelling and implementing carbon leakage in CGE models, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD);
  • Research visit at the University of Maryland in September 2012, working with the group of Dr. Steven A. Gabriel on energy market equilibrium modeling, financially supported by Energie-Control Austria.

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