Norwegian dystopia

Been to Norway recently, and two bands caught my attention: Aurora, a young girl with white hair and a voice like the lead singer of the Cranberries, and Kaizers Orchestra – a crazy mix of polka and pop and rock. Not sure why all of their videos are quite dystopian – maybe it’s due to the uneven distribution of sunlight exposure over the course of a year… Or that Nordic sense of humor?

I somehow think of the Kaizers as a Nordic version of Balkan pop – what’s not to like?

The Kaizers have already disbanded (pun intended), but there is a very nice fan page at – and given that they sing in some Norwegian dialect, the translation is definitely helpful.
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On a ball for Science

The motto for tonight’s entertainment is “Spaß mit Anstand – Tanz mit Haltung”, which does have a far deeper political meaning in Vienna than the literal translation on their website might suggest to the non-native. It’s gonna be phuntastic! Tickets are sold out, but you can find out more about it anyway at
Science at a ball
Science at a ball (Poster 2)
Science at a Ball (Poster 1)
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Follow the white rabbit… eh, the grey donkey on a kid’s bike?

Went to a concert in the Brunnenpassage yesterday, which is really not the place for the synthesis of Gogol Bordello and System of a Down – but it was fun! Definitely worth watching out for this band, Gasmac Gilmore… Find out more here. Unfortunately, there tour calendar isn’t quite up to date (as of today).
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